Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hanboks, Korean Beauty Boxes, Kpop Merchandise and Lightsticks

We have new posts on! We've been very busy lately creating great new posts for you and wanted to share them with you here.

We have posts on hanboks and where to buy them online, korean beauty boxes with coupons by Memebox, and the best places to buy your kpop favorites artists' lightsticks and other merchandise.

See the full articles here:

Where to Buy Traditional Custom-Fitted Korean Hanboks Online. Here we talk about how to get your own custom fitted hanbok on the internet. You just give them your measurements and they ship it to you. Pretty neat.

Korean Beauty Box Review. Here I talk about everything that comes in the beauty box along with the ingredients in each products. I go into detail mostly about the "Study Box" which is a student themed beuaty box.

Coupon for Memebox - This is basically just a quick post with a coupon code to get 10% off.

Kpop Merchandise and Lightsticks

Here I have 2 separate posts for kpop lightsticks and merchandise. The lightsticks get their own page because there are so many different kinds. You don't just buy a kpop light stick, you have to get the right one for the right group. I think it's good to also make sure you get the official ones and not the cheap knock-offs. That doesn't support the group and we know that kpop stars don't make that much money (unless they get into acting or CVs). So, I want to help you find the best places to get official lightsticks. They are also going to be of better quality, too. So, win win.

Here's where you can see my full reviews of EXO's version 2, BTS Army Bomb, and Big Bang's version 4 light stick.

EXO Version 1 and 2 comparison

BTS Army Bomb

Big Bang Version 4 Light Stick

For Other Merchandise

Thursday, December 15, 2016

BTS Lightstick - Official BTS Army Bomb Lightstick for Kpop Concert

 Here is our video for our new post on the BTS Army Bomb lightstick. This is a light stick for kpop fans to use at concerts and makes a great souvenir to remember the concert by, or just to show your love to your favorite groups.

EXO Lightstick - Official Version 2 - Price and Where to Buy 2016

Official Version 2.0 lightstick.

Kpop Lightsticks - We Found The Best Prices/Places to Buy Kpop Light Sticks

We have 2 new article on Kpop Lightsticks! For the first one, you'll learn a little about lightsticks in general and their role in the kpop fan experience. The second article is all about EXO's newer lightstick, version 2.0.

Click to read more:

EXO Lightstick


Kpop Lightstick

Friday, September 2, 2016

New Posts on on Korean Fashion

We have new pages at If you'd like to see more Korean fashion and where you can find it online then I suggest you head over to our pages and check out our articles. I'll let some of them below.

This one is about shopping online for Korean Clothing

This article describes why I personally love Korean fashion

Korean Dresses are some of my favorites and this article goes into more detail

Here is a tag page showing all the article I have on Korean outfits

Monday, May 23, 2016

2 New Pages -

We have 2 new pages on Kpop Fashion I wanted to share.

1) Learn Korean
If you're interested in learning korean, check out this free trial from Rocket Korean.

2) Korean Fashion
Check out this article to see where the best places to buy korean fashion are online. You can buy authentic korean fashion from korea, or you can buy things made in the US or China that are smply in the Korean style. Whichever you prefer, check out this article to see what's available.

Kpop Fashion Social Platforms

If you'de like to connect with us and stay up to date with the latest kpopfashio, you can follow us on our various social platforms. We're pretty much everywhere online these days so join us wherever you'd like!


Here's the links to where us can connect with us:

Korean Fashion | Blogger

Welcome to's official blogger account. We'll keep you posted here about updates to the site. We'll be posing more about korean fashion, kpop fashion, buying korean clothes and brands online and all things related to the Korean things we all love.

Talk to you soon!